2019 Season finished in early September. Next harvest June 2020.

Welcome to Yarra Valley Truffles

Located one hour from Melbourne, in volcanic red soil amongst the undulating hills of Victoria's Yarra Valley, and surrounded by vineyards, the cool climate is similar to the Perigord region of France from where the Black Winter Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) originates. Cold winters, warm summers and high rainfall of the Yarra Valley region are beneficial to both truffle and wine production.

Our truffiére is maintained organically, promoting a fully natural, healthy soil & environment. This fosters the delicate relationship between the truffle and tree, without interference from fertilisers or herbicides.

The truffiére was planted in 2006. Our first Truffles were found in 2011, with workload increasing to full-time by 2015.
In 2016 we unearthed a world record breaking 1.5kg truffle.
With observation and research into all aspects of truffle growing, the production of our truffiére continues to expand each year.

In {maybe June} July/August/September: Click here for further harvest observations and truffle availability

2020 Season

Harvest will commence around June 2020...

  • ✔ October-November 2019: soil preparation, pruning, applying truffle spore to trees, etc.
  • ✔ December: Truffles start forming
  • January: First signs of truffles in soil, Irrigation commences
  • February: Hazelnut harvest/removal. Irrigation. protecting developing truffles.
  • March, April: Protection of developing truffles continues, removal of truffles damaged by rot or insects
  • May: Final preparations for season. Monitoring development to estimate season commencement
  • JUNE-SEPTEMBER: Harvest season, exact start/finish determined by winter weather... see 2019 description below

2019 Season closed early at the start of September 2019

The predicted early start to the 2019 harvest season came true with some tastes in May, and saleable truffle exported in June. An overall warm winter had severe impact on exportable truffle, counterweighted by a large harvest.
Ripe colour and flavour developed sooner than normal, possibly related to the earlier signs of truffles in January, and the unusual weather.
Similarily the warmer than usual winter ended the season early at the start of September with several days of 20 Celsius temperatures.